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About Work Station

With the internet connecting with your clients, partners and co-workers is easier than ever before. Work Station is a powerful tool for easy connection that comes with Member Profiles, Messaging, Newsfeed, Networking, Project Management, Director/Listing, User Groups, Forums, Wiki, and more.

The Story

During this new reality (COVID-19), there’s a famous saying “Please stay at home, work from home”. Speaking of which is the best advice anyone can give you at the moment. Businesses around the world are now using SAAS (Software as a Service) platforms to manage their businesses now than ever. This is amazing, but honestly, have you asked yourself this question?

Who or which businesses can afford these platforms? 

In a quest for the best SAAS platform to let businesses communicate and collaborate with their staffs, project management platform, file storage platform, event management platform, the list keeps going on. Knowing that there are series of platforms out there that provides one or two of these services, the question is, which one can provide if not all but most needed of these services. 

I know by now you might be thinking, yeah, it’s a bit stressful to switch between platforms to achieve one business goal. However, have you thought about those businesses that cannot afford a single SAAS platform?

Youth-led Enterprises, local businesses, self-employed/single business people etc. This set of groups are the least likely to use those platforms, because they are expensive and complicated to use. 

I know this because I’m one of them, working from home might be a new reality for most but not us. That is why we (Open Space) have developed a Virtual Workspace (Work Station) to help anyone to work from anywhere at any time. The idea is not just to help businesses pass time while we hope and pray for COVID-19 to end, but to provide Youth-led Enterprises that can’t afford to have a physical workspace in their initial stage, to help them with a platform that let their team work virtually from anywhere.

Meet Work Station – Your Virtual Workspace.

Work Station is designed to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to remotely work from anywhere.

Easily communicate and collaborate with your co-workers, network with potential clients & other entrepreneurs, list your products and services in director, get access to top-notch resources to improve your venture… It just keeps getting better.

Do you know what makes Work Station AWESOME? It’s absolutely FREE, no hidden fee, nothing at all.

Work Station 2.0 is here.

Every ground-breaking entrepreneur begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At Open Space, we want to change the way how people see the concept of entrepreneurs, by offering a simple, secure and user-friendly Virtual Workspace you can trust…

Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and efforts to ensure that youth-led enterprises flourish in the easiest way possible.

Meet Work Station 2.0, now better than ever. Version 2.0 is all about clean and shiny user interface, advance security to give members total control over their personal information and contents they share. It’s your data, must you not have control over it? You must, we believe.

Authenticity: Now you don’t have to worry about who you are interacting with, with our existing account roles (Personal, Publisher, & Business Accounts), they don’t just have different Capabilities, but they help you understand who you are networking with, and now with our New Verified badge, its let you know we have confirmed that an account is authentic. Currently Verified badge is only available for business accounts.

Privacy & Security. Now members have all the necessary tools they need to control their privacy, from contact info, to what you share with others on newsfeed.

Lock/Unlock Newsfeed:

This allows members to lock/open their Newsfeed for commenting. A user can mark any feed as closed and no one will be able to comment on that feed. If the User reopens the feed, it will be available for commenting again.


The Block tool allows members to block another member. They simply click on a ‘block’ button, either on another member’s profile, or on the member list. Once blocked, neither members can send a message to the others. Each member’s profile pages become inaccessible, and display a simple message. Neither can view each other’s newsfeed updates, or replies, and neither can send a friend request to one another.


Flag inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour. Each member’s profile now incorporates a ‘report’ button. This gives members peace of mind that the Work Station is open to moderation.

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