There are human beings that will make you give up on humanity, and suddenly you meet this one angelic human being that will restore your faith in humanity. Sierra Leone is broken to the highest degree, but let’s not give up yet, for there’re few genuinely innocent, loving and caring people living on the surface […]

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Here I am again, with part four of Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z . In this article, I am going to walk you through steps that will help you develop the best relationship with your customers. This strategy is to help you build loyal customers, help you generate income for your business. Lastly, it will help you […]

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According to a survey, the majority start a business for some specific reasons such as: To Earn a lot of money. The flexibility of being their own boss. The control over decision making. To pick the team they want to work with. To solve their own problems & others. Know your WHY. Listen! This is […]

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  Hiya! People, I hope y’all had an awesome read on our first post of the “Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z”. Missed it? or New here? Cool! No hard feelings for coming late, however, you should read it Here  to get a clear understanding of this topic. I hope I am making sense? Alright, lets ride… My […]

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Entrepreneurship Well hello there! You are currently in a university or still in high school, and you are thinking about how your future is going to be like. I get it, as a child, I used to constantly keep questioning myself about my life. I was so curious about my future from the very start. […]

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Hiya 👋 Literally! This is my first article about COVID-19 related to small businesses. This article isn’t meant to take much of your time, so let’s get started right away. We very well know that this is a devastating moment for everyone, most especially small businesses. COVID-19 has brought a new reality to us all, […]

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These days there’s no excuse for not having a website, even if your business is only just getting off the ground. Many potential customers and clients won’t take you seriously without one. Plus, there are so many upsides to setting one up that not doing so is almost irresponsible. One of the most obvious benefits […]

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