Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z (Part 2).


Hiya! People, I hope y’all had an awesome read on our first post of the “Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z”. Missed it? or New here? Cool! No hard feelings for coming late, however, you should read it Here  to get a clear understanding of this topic. I hope I am making sense? Alright, lets ride…

My advice to all startup entrepreneurs.

Now, why is it I am sharing this with you?

I want you to know that being an entrepreneur is more than just starting a business. There are sacrifices you must make, and it may not go right all the time, the guarantee for things to go wrong is more than the guarantee for things to go right. You have to take risks, calculated, and educated risks.

If you are not a rich kid, that mommy and daddy are willing to take care of your finances while you are working at your startup, I suggest you get a Job. You can still have a job while you are working on your startup bit by bit.

Don`t let anyone fool you, going into entrepreneurship isn`t always the first thing to do. If you have already discovered your passion and you think you don`t have to work for someone but yourself, my friend you are mistaking.

Listen, it’s not a good idea to let someone fund your startup at the initial stage unless you don`t care about decision making or what may happen to your startup. Because if you have someone fund your startup at the initial stage that means they own it as much as you do, or maybe even more than you do. Your ideas are nothing without the power to execute it. You don`t expect someone to spend their money on your startup and let you make the decisions, that’s nearly impossible.


Okay, what about if you are a rich kid, and you have money to fund your startup, is it okay to go ahead?

Money is not the only problem here, you understand? Do you know why the majority of start-ups do fail? Even when they have access to funding, have the skills to create their products and services? Starting your own business is hard, it sucks you know. There are a lot of ups and downs, obstacles, haters, naysayers, setbacks, self-doubt, and most of all you will have to reach rock bottom countless times.

You need to have the skills to run a business, manage your staff, take care of your client’s needs, and all. Running a start-up is difficult. So try and learn about all these not just on paper or school education. Running a start-up required hands-on, practical skills. You need to know how to manage your expenses, budgeting, marketing and sales, teamwork, and more of leadership skills. Don`t kill your dream by trying to learn all these on your startup, you will just start suffocating yourself because you have no one to guide you. Experience is better than just knowledge.

The Adventure Begins.

Now you have working experience, I say to you “Well done” it’s now time to hit the go button and start your forever dream adventure.

Hay! Entrepreneur, slow down, we still have a problem here, something is wrong with this journey you are about to embark on. It’s unbelievable but you are going to fail. Nevertheless, must you quit and come work for me instead? Well if you ask me, the answer is yes….

I mean YES you don’t have to quit, everyone knows when you try something new there is a possibility you will fail. However, falling and learning from your mistakes is what keeps you going, it helps you grow. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is the process of success. Always know that Success is a choice and failure is required. The word entrepreneur is known as RISK TAKER, everything about entrepreneurship is taking risks. As an entrepreneur you have to be a believer, might not be the religious believer, however, you have to believe in your dream, although there will be obstacles, setbacks, failures, etc. You have to believe that everything is going to work out just fine.

As an entrepreneur, you have to program your mindset to focus only on the end goal, who you will become in the end. That will keep you going. You very well know there is more possibility to fail than to succeed. However, you do it anyway, because the greatest risk in life is to not take a risk.

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