Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z (Part 4).

Here I am again, with part four of Entrepreneurship Journey: A-Z . In this article, I am going to walk you through steps that will help you develop the best relationship with your customers. This strategy is to help you build loyal customers, help you generate income for your business. Lastly, it will help you understand your customers’ needs so you will offer them the product or services they desire.

The Customer Red Zone

Stay away from the free zone.

There’s going to be a time when your friends or family members will walk to your business office and want to try out your products or services and most often you may want to offer it to them for free. Trust me if you start or continue doing that, your business will not go any further. You are running a business and not a charity organization, so whatever product or service they request, ask them to pay for it. Some might indeed see you as a bad person but no, you are doing the right thing, and those that truly love, and care for you will support what you are doing by paying for it. It is fine to give them a discount, however; it should cut across all of your customers, and not just to your friends or family members. Again, don’t offer your products or services for free, unless you are doing a promotion, because the more you do that the more they will less value your business. People respect the things they pay for more than the things they get for free.

Attend to your customers with professionalism.

I previously mentioned that you should not offer your products or services for free. On the contrary, attend to all of your customers as customers, with respect, and caring no matter, who they are. Do not say “oh this is my brother he can wait let me attend to other people first” that is wrong. They are paying for your products or services so you have to respect them and attend to them as needed regardless of the relationship you have with them, even if they choose to wait, do your best to attend to their needs ASAP. Always create a professional atmosphere for your customers, and that will make them value your business.

Create a personal relationship with your clients.

Try to have a positive personal relationship with all of your clients. Welcome them with a true loving smiling face, greet them, and ask them “how are you doing today”, (but keep this conversation short and professional so they don’t feel insecure). Try to know their name and call them by that.

Remember their favourite products or services, and recommend the best to them. When they purchase something make sure you are grateful by simply saying “Thank you, (With a true smile)” and when they are leaving make sure you say goodbye, something like (Goodbye Miss Mary, we hope to see you soon). Doing these little things will make your customers feel happy, and they will always want to come back because they feel welcomed, and because of that, they will choose to buy from you other than your competitors.

Ask for feedback from your customers.

As an entrepreneur, your purpose is to solve people’s problems, and to better do that you have to be open up to people, ask for their honest feedback, and take all feedback with an open mind regardless of the outcome, good or bad. Whenever you have a new product or service, have a select few trustworthy customers to try your product or service, and ask them to give you feedback, some feedbacks might be negative but constructive.

Listen to what your customers say, focus on their needs, and create products or services you want to use yourself. Let them know that they are free to give any kind of feedback, negative or positive. It is for your good.

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