Every Sierra Leonean is responsible for the downfall or growth of Sierra Leone

There are human beings that will make you give up on humanity, and suddenly you meet this one angelic human being that will restore your faith in humanity.

Sierra Leone is broken to the highest degree, but let’s not give up yet, for there’re few genuinely innocent, loving and caring people living on the surface of this country that can help change this country for the best.

If we as Sierra Leoneans come together to support one another, and put aside the selfishness, greed, and hatred that we have for one another, this country has the potential to reach the highest peak to compete with the world.

The Government and other stakeholders have a lot to contribute towards the development of Sierra Leone, but with all honesty, their contributions will have little or no impact unless we (individual Sierra Leonean) change for the better.

Development in Sierra Leone is like a miracle, and yet we keep on destroying our very own infrastructures/resources all in the name of (na government property). Not knowing that every single development done by the government (excluding sponsored and loan development), was developed using taxes paid by people living in Sierra Leone. So indirectly, we’re destroying our own funded developments, not the government.

We cry out on politicians, and the Government of the day about corruption, but the sad truth is they are just a reflection of most Sierra Leoneans. The only reason why politicians have the guts to mislead us the way they have since the founding of this country is that they know, somehow, their actions are a representation of the majority of Sierra Leoneans.

Since I was a teenager, I have dedicated my life to supporting young people with all the might in me. I’ve always believed that people in a higher positions, and with resources are unwilling to support young people, and speaking of which is the reason why this country is far away from being a developed country. But with all honesty, I have come to realise that, that’s not the whole truth.

Most young people in Sierra Leone are the obstacles blocking the way for the others that have a genuine interest in developing this country. I have met a few young people with brilliant minds, kind hearts, and genuine/reliable with their words and actions. But I can assure you, I’ve met and workedwith most young people who are worse than most evil politicians. When I say this, it’s with all honesty, that they lie about who they are, what they do, or the skills they have, only to realise later that they are nothing of those things they claim to be or have, It’s pathetic. And the genuine ones, couldn’t get the opportunity that they deserve, because the evil-minded ones have manipulated their way and grabbed them before they could reach the well-deserved ones, which is great until they misused those opportunities, and blocked the way in the future for the well-deserved young people.

This is why most people don’t want to invest or support young people in Sierra Leone. Because of the experience they’ve had with the evil ones.

Again, the government have a lot to do for Sierra Leone to be considered a developed nation, however, that will only happen if we, as individual Sierra Leoneans start to change our ways.

The moment we start realising that every Sierra Leonean’s action can impact the development of Sierra Leone (greatly), then, and only then, the Sierra Leone we all dream of, will come into existence.

Bashiru Mansaray

Managing Director – Multimedia Plus, and Founder of Open Space by Multimedia Plus.

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