Most frequent questions and answers

How it works.
1. Go to https://works.sl/login/ 
2. Create a personal account using your Mobile Number  and Password/OTP or Facebook, or Google. (Note, you can only use the above method to register a personal account). To register a Business or a Publisher account please use the below steps.
3. To register a Business or a Publisher account please go to https://works.sl/login/#register-form then register with your username, email, password, and select your account role.

1. Personal: Have the capability to post, and interact with other users posts and activities in News Feed. Have the capability to connect with other members, join groups, create topics in forums, interact with posts in wiki and blog, create events, see public events, have 5GB  storage in Gallery to store their personal data (all file format supported), view and interact with group projects or public projects.
2. Publisher Account: Have all the capabilities of a Personal Account Role, and the capability to create Wiki Articles.
3. Business Account: Have the capabilities of both Personal and Publisher Account Roles, and the capabilities to create groups, projects,  listing in Directory.

Please Note:
• If you choose “Business Account (Pending)” Role during sign up, you have to provide us with additional information to verify your business.
Go to the following link https://works.sl/business-verification/ to verify your business.
Business verification is mandatory for Business Account Role, and your account will be inactive until your business verification is completed.

1. Blog is where you will find official articles posted by Work Station Authors, or professional verified public authors, that have the Editor Role. Can I apply to be an editor? The answer is no. However, if you know you have great writing skills, start by publishing your contents in Wiki, and our team will find you.
2. In Wiki, we are giving Publishers the ability to publish unlimited articles on Work Station so that other users can read and interact (comment and add as favourite) with their contents and they will have full right over it as the author. 

Manage Less.
Do More.

Project is built for every member of your team to plan, track, and release great work.


Keep productivity high and deadlines in sight with our built-in time tracker.


Browse your project the way that helps you the most by Sorting by Category, Date, or Status.


Calendar gives you the ability to create events for your project to meet certain goals and deadlines.


Prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full context with complete visibility.


Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data that your team can put to use.


Assign a task to the responsible person and keep yourself in the loop by becoming a watcher — coordination made easy!

Due Dates

Give yourself and others clear goals and deadlines by setting due dates.


Complete with confidence and sanity knowing the information you have is always up-to-date.

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